4 Week Plan

Week 1

A) Copy Of Driver's License

B) Go to Walgreens And get 1 Passport Photo

C) Take RDA Exam *Click this link : https://smile.uthscsa.edu/course.php?rc=32Xxe3


Week 2

A) Print A Copy Of RDA Exam Completion

B) Take a BLS Class ( Call and set an appointment for training. Tell them you need to take a BLS Class) *Click link for office information: www.cpr123.com

C) Fill out your paper application for RDA License. *Click this link to download: https://tsbde.texas.gov/78i8ljhbj/RDA-Licensure_202209.pdf


Week 3

A) Copy Of Your BLS Card

B) Get a money order payable to TSBDE for the amount of $39

C) Request a Self-Query Report  (Select: Personal and NOT Organizational) *Click this link: https://www.npdb.hrsa.gov/ext/servlet/SQStartInitialServlet

D) Take Human Trafficking Course  *Click this link: https://learningportal.hhs.texas.gov/login/index.php


Week 4

A) Have your paper application notarized. You must sign in front of public notary.

B) Mail envelope once you got all documents. Remember, TSBDE will email you a date and time to have your fingerprints taken.

C) Wait for the TSBDE to email you a specific date and time for finger prints. Once you get their email go to IdentoGo and email them a copy of your IdentoGo receipt.